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I have had several rvs this one was the most expensive one I paid over a quarter of a million dollars for this new and it is so cheaply made the roof is leaking the windows are chipping and the rubber seals are falling completely out I have put a lot of money in this and this is ridicous my son bought one the dealer said they have Improved and the have definitely not his is falling apart horribly just do your self a favor and just don't wasn't your money on a fleet wood rv if you do you will be disappointed

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Fleetwood Rv and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Who cares about punctuation? He made his point, that's enough.

He's probably angry and just wants to get his message out there. I agree Fleetwood products r cheaply made and customer service stinks.

to Anonymous #1410279

I agree...just brought 2018 and paid cash and it is garbage. Could only use 1 time.

Just getting it back after 2 months. Customer service very bad.

To anyone that want to post crap. Tell it to your dam mama....

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1188628

It's hard to take seriously someone who doesn't know how to use punctuation when writing. Your entire review, about a paragraph long, contains no punctuation.

In addition, instead of the word 'waste', you used the word wasn't.

I have a feeling that you're full of ***. Case closed.

to Fleetwood Cornell, Illinois, United States #1225957

May not everyone is smart as you. Or just maybe they are so pissed they can't think straight. Lottery winners don't have to be spelling bee chanpions.

to Fleetwood #1527575

Really!!??? Are you kidding you are worried about punctuation!!

You need to be worried about the crap you are putting out there! I have had so many issues with my 2018 Fleetwood storm and you mornthe desler wants to own up to any of it and just fix it! I will never buy Fleetwood again!

I am on the process of getting an attorney now! Already put on a complaint to the BBB as well!


It always amazes me that people who can't spell or write a correct sentence have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on an expensive RV. Credibility of the complaints and complainants is very much an issue.

to Anonymous #1035644

Your rude, and rude people never get any where in life.

As years go by, you will learn from yourself, and how you treat people and how well you do in society in every aspect.

I do hope you know I am reaching out to you!

to Anonymous #1410274

You ***....the point is not the spelling, but the poor product!! YOU KNOW WHAT THE *** HE IS SAYING....BEFORE YOU SLAM MY POST....TAKE YOUR FINGER AND PUT IT UP YOUR ASK OR IS IT SPELLED ANOTHER WAY!!!!


You have too much money - get a real life with meaning

to Anonymous #984516

When you pay that much for a rv you should expect it to hold up and I can do whatever I want to do with my money

to Anonymous #985676

You sound like one of the "wall street occupiers". There's no such thing as "too much money".

All you're doing is whining because you never had any. People like you who do nothing but sit around and whine when they see people who worked hard and had some success in life are the ones who need to "get a life".

You're a loser.

to Anonymous #985923

Amen brother that *** want to say that he has to uch money but as you said he has and will never have that much money in his whole life

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