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For those of you with Fleetwood camping issues, check the news...FTCA in Somerset, PA has closed it's doors! No warning was issued to the 300+ FTCA direct dealers, parts suppliers, or thousands of product owners. I know, big surprise based on the outstanding customer service reviews I've seen at many online forums.

For those that want to learn more, check out Blackstreet Capital Management LLC. Blackstreet acquired FTCA in May, 2008 as FTCA picked up Fleetwood Folding Camper Trailers. Articles written by Julian Gothard were found online at examiner.com in National section that clued me in.

Hopeful that I can scrounge some info on leagal proceedings against Blackstreet. Doubtful I'll ever recover funds, so I'll plan to convert my Fleetwood E-3 to a bird bath.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fleetwood Rv Rv.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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I too own a 2001 Coleman Santa Fe Model and the ABS roof is cracking badly. It is to the point where it has become unusable. I have been in contact with the bankruptcy court in Western PA. I spoke with the trustee of the bankruptcy court and she informed me that there was a motion made from the creditors of FTCA to have the case dismissed. The judge granted the dismissal and the case has been dismissed and that there is no bankruptcy procceedings taking place for Blackstreet Capitol Management LLC or FTCA Coleman Camper. The case has been dismissed! This may shed some light for some of us camper owners with the lifetime warrantee. Just how we go about getting restitution on our warrantees' will be a learning experience! I will be contacting my lawyer to discuss this ugly situation to see if we can start a class action suit against this corporation.

In the mean time I will not wait for the courts to make a decision! But what I will do is make the repairs, saving all of the receipts,(may need the reciepts for restitution if courts grant it). I am going to contact Rhino linings or Line-X for estimates on the cost to have the repairs made.

Keep and eye out for future postings and feel free to email me.

I will keep the postings coming for as long as it takes to come to a conclusion to this injustice by this company.

They need to be sued. We need a class action suit and need it now. All interested in starting this action, drop me an email.


Here it is one year later from all of your comments and wanted to hear the latest from all. I too bought an E3 three years ago, and also was suprised to find out about the roof issue last year.

I also went the Line X route and that worked.

I am now in the process of repairing the interior this weekend. Got it all torn apart and replacing the ceiling material. I have about $1200 into the repairs so far, not to mention my time.

Has anyone heard about the Class Action Suite and information on how to contact to get on. I assume to contact the State AG would be a good start along with BBB.

My insurance company shot down my claim real fast, saying it was a manufacture issue and I will have to take care of it myself.

to Terry Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #653769

Do you need to remove the trim around the edges for the x liner? I guess I'm trying to figure out where the top leaksat.

The roof is made of a solid sheet of aluminum so how would that be leaking? I bought my camper from a Lawyer who had to know about the problem these campers had.


After reading the various complaints about the E3 having roof leaks and looking at the picture provided by FBvapor300, I have some experience to pass along. This experience was gained by learning the hardway. It was an expensive lesson. It may or may not apply to your E3 problems.

FIRST: Are you sure the roof is leaking? SECOND: Are you storing anything on the floor of your trailer when you fold it up and put it away for the season?

The Fleetwood owner's manual for tent trailers may (or may not) make refernce to the trailer as having temporary storage space. The manual does not define what is meant by "temporary" and does not specify any consequences. This phrase refers to using the floor space of the trailer for storing items such as sleeping bags, luggage, duffel bags, boxes, equipment, etc., when the trailer is closed up for short periods or while being towed.

Tent trailers are specifically designed to breathe when closed up. Air must circulate through the tent trailer when it is folded up and closed. IF YOU CHOKE OFF THE FLOW OF AIR THROUGH THE TRAILER, MOISTURE WILL CONDENSE INSIDE THE TRAILER. Copious amounts of water will condense on the cieling and drip downward onto the tent fabric, the mattresses, and everything else. That moisture will get under the plastic coating on the cieling and the coating will separate and blister. Using the floor space for storage will choke off the flow of air.

I learned by making the mistake of storing sleeping bags and other equipment on the floor of my previous trailer when I put it away for the year. Two years in a row I discovered the inside of my trailer covered in mold, mildew, and water stains. (This will be especially true if you store your trailer outdoors during the winter.)

After the first time, with considerable effort, I cleaned it up. After the second time, I had to spend more than $300 to replace all of the curtains. I had to remove the mildew stains from the tent fabric using a Q-Tip dipped in bleach and remove the stains one spot at a time. Then I had to obtain Tech 303 fabric cleaner to clean all of the Sunbrella tent fabric and then I had to retreat the fabric with Tech 303 water repellancy treatment. These products are expensive.

I had to contact Fleetwood to find out about Tech 303, and then I had to go on-line to find out where I could buy it. Tech 303 has a website and a dealer search feature. You will most commonly find Tech 303 water repellancy at marine and boat equipment stores. (IMAGINE, NOT BEING ABLE TO FIND TECH 303 AT YOUR TENT TRAILER DEALER AND NOT FINDING ANY MENTION OF IT IN THE OWNER'S MANUAL!)

Do NOT use Scotchgard or other fluoroaliphatic products on the tent fabric of your tent trailer. It does not work and it will ruin the Tech 303 treatment. If you do use Scotchgard, you will have to obtain the Tech 303 cleaner, clean the Sunbrella fabric, and then retreat with the Tech 303 repellancy.

When storing your trailer for the winter, I advise that you remove all of the curtains and fabric trim, fold it up, put it all in a box, and store it in a dry sheltered location in your garage or house. DO NOT STORE ANYTHING ON THE FLOOR OF YOUR TENT TRAILER. Wipe the hard surfaces (i.e. countertops, floors, sinks) with a mild solution of bleach and water, and then dry the surfaces thoroughly with clean terry cloth utility towels. (This will help kill mold and fungus spores.)(Do NOT use the bleach solution on your tent fabric.)

As an aid for protecting the mattresses, I recommend buying a few boxes of disposable adult diapers (the flat rectangular type, not the type with an elastic waist band). These have a plastic backing on one side and a layer of absorbant fibers on the opposite side. Using transparent Scotch tape, tape the diapers together to form a blanket that will cover the entire mattress. Lay it over the mattress, abosrbant side up facing the cieling. Then tape the edges of the diapers to the frame of the sleeping compartment, and then close up the trailer in the usual fashion. If any moisture does condense during storage, the disposable diapers will at least absorb it, keep the moisture away from the mattress and will offer some protection for the tent fabric and cieling by wicking the moisture away. This is not a perfect solution, but I have found it very useful for long term storage.

I hope this information will help.


If you want the scoop on FTCA and the appropriately named Blackstreet Capital Management LLC, go to www.rvbusiness.com and read the 3/28/11 article entitled "TCA's Closure Under Federal Investigation." Also go to www.examiner.com and read their 1/27/11 article entitled "Blackstreet should be held to account for FTCA closure." I too own a Fleetwood tent trailer and was dismnayed to learn that all warranties are now dead. Welcome to the new age of gut and pillage corporate tyranny and "**** You Capitalism." It isn't going to get any better thanks to these Milton Friedman School of Economics extremist zealots, Ayn Rand worshippers, the Koch Brothers, and others of their their ilk.


2005 E3 moved from Nevada to Virginia and the interior is now soaked. Will be trying to salvage the top as the rest of the rig has been great, but sounds like it will be along painful process.



No luck dealing with any part of FTCA. Blackstreet is impossible to contact as well.

No info at all on legal action that I've been able to find. I took matters into my own hands to fix the problems I had.

I pulled the top rails off, removed the corner coverings, sealed every seam, put silicon inside the plastic end caps and re-installed, used liquid nails and silicone to put the top rails back on, and covered the entire top with LineX. Haven't seen any additional water for now, so next step is to tear out and replace all internal wood/materials in the roof.

Kincaid, Illinois, United States #317905

Hi Everyone,

I have an E3 with the leaking roof problem. I took it to the dealer last week and was informed about the leaking being caused by a faulty roof construction/material failure. And, that the manufacturer is no longer honoring warranty repairs! What? I bought this trailer based on the warranty and now I'm being told it doesn't exist. Needless to say, I'm extremely angry.

I have my insurance adjuster coming to inspect it this week, but was basically told that my policy probably won't cover this damage.

Has anyone had any luck with repairs? Is there a lawsuit?


We bought an 2007 fleetwood evo3 from crestview rv sales in Georgetown, TX. WE was told that everything checked outand was all in good working order.

We brought it home and set it up to sell it and guess what the roof has a leaks.

They wont help and said it wa sbought as is and no help. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE THEY TOOK OUR CASH AND RAN>


Our 2007 Evolution has sprung a roof leak, causing massive damage to the interior (walls, beds, ceiling, door, and of course, the roof). We called the dealer...Closed.

We called Fleetwood and were told to pound sand. Then we called our insurance who told us that it is our responsibility to fix it and THEN they will look into it. Any further damage, including possible MOLD is not covered, and they said their investigation could take "a very long time".

We would love to talk with anybody who has had results in getting their roof fixed, or failing that, we want to get on board with a lawsuit. I cant believe this!


I have 2004 Sequoia that has a leaking roof. I submitted a warranty issue in July of 2008 and it was approved but nothing since then.

I was told they were working on a skeleton crew due to the economy in 2009 and since then I can't get through on the customer service line it just keeps saying continue to hold and someone will be right with you! The dealer said I will probably never get a new top since the closed down and left the dealers high and dry too. I still owe on the darn thing and can't use it.

I can't believe there is nothing anyone can do about this legally! :(


Good luck with the roof...just had mine replaced and dealer failed to tell you shipping/freight was over $1K for an item that should have been recalled. Everyone needs to write on the BBB website..I am on board for a class action consumer suit.

You spend $12K on a new camper for *** with in 2 years. It took 1.5 years to get my roof replaced. I also called the shipping company, and FTCA has a preferred account. As a consumer, it only should have cost $480 to ship a roof.

They are overcharging to help pay for the roofs..and if you ever tried to hear back from anyone, they don't respond.

Fleetwood and Coleman...I wouldn't ever purchase again. :(


I got all my paperwork together and filed a complaint with the Maryland Attorney General's office. I worked through the Better Business Bureau earlier to file complaint against the camper outlet scheduled to do the work, but that was useless.

I also took matters into my own hands to fix the roof.

I contacted Line X (Rhino Lining is same) and had them spray the top portion of the roof to stop more water from entering the shell.

Seems to be working so far and didn't add too much weight. Now I just need to fix the inside when weather warms up.


My claim for a new roof and colloratal damage has been in for 10months, was approved. New top scheduled for delivery this month....Now what?


I am going to the media (in Canada) with my story regarding my E1 Leaking Roof. I have a clear record of numerous attempts (dating back to August 2009) to get the roof replaced by Fleetwood - it was approved but that's it - no new roof, no response from Coleman/Fleetwood.

Nothing. Now this.

I am sure there are a lot of angry people out there who have major issues with their roofs on the Evolutions and are now left feeling helpless.

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