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I hate to diss a great company. Fleetwood has a beautiful product line.

However, we went to look at the 2012's that had just arrived in Hammond, LA this past weekend. We were planning to buy a Mercedes Diesel chassis Tioga Ranger DSL. The door knobs were falling off, the paneling was buckled, the motorhome shimmied and swayed down the road. It was just not a quality finished product.

So, we looked at a Fleetwood Tioga gas 31M and fell in love. It seemed to have been assembled much better and the drive was GREAT. It had 1025 miles on it when we left the dealership and were headed back to Arkansas, when the engine started making a God-awful knocking sound and we were stranded between Arkansas and Louisiana. We had driven our car and had a friend with us.

So, after spending almost $100K on a new Fleetwood Class C, we went back to Arkansas empty-handed. The FORD V10 Triton had bought it and the motorhome had to be towed to Mississippi to the closest Ford Warranty service center. Talk about a nightmare!! We try to buy AMERICAN MADE products.

We want to help get our country going again. HOW can AMERICANS afford to buy AMERICAN when the quality of workmanship is SO ROTTEN. FORD should have taken some of that stimulus package and used it for product development. Our FORD engine is going to have to be pulled because there was no fault code, no check engine light on when this happened.

It has the technicians baffled. The only thing they can do is tear into the thing and try to find the problem. Now, if the engine is severely damaged, Ford will RE_BUILD the engine under warranty. Just what we all want!!!

A brand New Motor home with a RE_BUILT FORD engine. Thanks FORD. THANKS FLEETWOOD !!! OHHHHHH, I would like to add that when they lifted the motor home up to tow it, 35 gallons of water poured out.

The water tank had a HUGE leak !!

THIS is another FLEETWOOD piece of ***. THEY need to fire their QUALITY DEPARTMENT !!!

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Since coming under new leadership most of the best workers at fleetwood have run for the hills to find better employers. You are purchasing products built as fast as possible by inexperienced workers who really don't care about the product they are building.

I have worked at fleetwood for years, and it is sad to see such a decline in quality.


Ok, so Ford immediately fixed the engine and apparently a huge water leak (from the Fleetwood designed motor home) was the cause. Why are you angry at FORD again?

Oh, and FORD didn't take any money from the govt in the auto bailout, that was the OTHER guys. Ford just solved their own problems on their own.

A rebuilt engine from the FORD dealership is considered to be excellent, sellable and still under warranty. I wouldn't see that as reducing the value of the unit very much at all.


Just thought you should know both of those motorhomes were built on the same line in the same facility as all other Fleetwoods.Since we became part of ASV a lot of the experienced and caring fleetwood people are gone.Sorry for your experience but with these guys in charge I'm not surprised.

to line1guy #683527

when you got paid such a cheap wage for what they sold for do you really think the workers cared! COME ON.....

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