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We purchased a 2007 Fleetwood Fiesta 34N Class A Motor home from Earnhardt RV/ Freedom Roads RV in Mesa, AZ in November 2007.

Upon taking delivery of our new motor home, we noticed that it was in plagued with manufacturing problems. None of the problems appeared to be severe initially, however they grew larger and larger over time. They included the usual wiring abnormalities, unknown chassis noise, plumbing leaks, HVAC issues, leveling jacks, water pump, transmission noise, slides out of adjustment, carpet and flooring quality, cabinetry hardware, and a list of other items. For example, from the beginning, the countertops and dinette table was delaminating which should have been easily resolved. On three occasions, Earnhardt/Freedom Roads ordered the replacement countertop, and determining that the part was incorrect only after they had removed the countertop and all the associated components. During this “repair” they managed to destroy the sink, fixtures and most plumbing components. Then in the haste of putting them back together, they cross threaded all the pipes, failed to tighten pressure water pipes and reversing the hot and cold lines, then destroying the vinyl floor during the “repair”. Of course we would identify that the state of the last repair at the worst possible time- while out on a family vacation! The motor home would typically come out of the shop with more problems than it left with!

Most recently, it was discovered that Earnhardt/Freedom Roads was causing additional damage while the unit was at their facility! On more than one occasion the unit was returned with cigarette butts in the sink and the restroom had been used while in their possession, windows left open during a storm, etc. The icing on the cake was on the last “repair” the unit was returned with numerous scratches to the exterior. Over the course of 12 months, Earnhardt/Freedom Roads had possession of the unit over 5 months!

Support from Fleetwood has been atrocious. Quality overall in the unit is extremely poor. Earnhardt RV/Freedom roads has to be the worst place I’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of doing business with. It is discouraging to know that an organization such as Fleetwood RV and the Earnhardt/Freedom Roads dealership has such little regard for their customers that it now has to go before the legal system to resolve what started out as relatively small issues.

We have owned other Fleetwood products and even purchased products from this dealership with relatively no problems. We have always enjoyed the RV lifestyle and this has really left a bitter taste in our mouth!

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I have a 2005 fleetwood discovery that all of the outside walls are cracking on them. fleetwood is taking the stance that it is out off warranty .

this is a 200,000 dolar motor home and should last more than 6 years. shame on you fleetwood. the company has sold out but the new company kept the name for all the good. they need to step up to the pump and fix this.

thay have admitted that it is a materail and workman ship problem . nothing that i could have done to prevent it :cry


I have a 2010 Fusion from Earnhardt. Th experience was interesting.

I didn't know about the "2 upping" because I had 4 up, that means the company has many sales people talking continuosly. The door frame had to be hammered in to work. I shoud have left then. After hearing about the warentee wjych requirea an ispection trip to see if the company will agree to the repair.

Two trips later to fix the porch light I just gave up and took out the bulbs.

Now recall number two has an elecriical problem that I will need fixed. Jim


I work at the decatur plant and all they care about is getting it out the door. Since Fleetwood was bought out by AIP it is a miserable place to work.

11 to 12 hr days mon thru thurs. sometimes fri. You never know when your leaving.

Kaizen is now the word of the plant. They want more for less out of they're employee and its showing in the quality.


I purchased a 2009 American Allegance.

I had wiring problems, shorts, and a small electrical fire. Fleetwood has been less than cooperative.

Dealer's were of no help, actually more of a problem. Fleetwood hides behind the bankruptsy as cover.


John G., we purchased our 5th wheel new and it wasn't until we took it on a 7 state trip that it began falling apart. That was the real test.

It looked pretty, but is built shabbily.

Be careful who you get for an attorney as well, they ripped us off just like Fleetwood and Dan Gamel did.


That is a good Question Denny, but how did your comment post 12-02-08? LOL

Mathis, Texas, United States #9810

i understand you completely. Purchased a 2007 Fleetwood Regal 5th wheel Aug 2007.

Oct 2007 we began to have problems. Fleetwood decided it needed to be returned to the Indiaan factory for repairs. They could not began repairs until Jan 2008. By this time there were 28 items needing repaired.

Water leaks, slideout adj. countertops pulling away from walls etc.

While it was at the factory they found other problems that we had not found.Fleetwood picked up the 5th wheel Jan 28, 2008 and returned it March 9, 2008. It's now April & there are 7 different issues that need fixed.

Prattsburgh, New York, United States #5569

This shows once again how important it is for a buyer to thoroughly check the vehicle BEFORE ACCEPTING DELIVERY. This buyer should have known better because he is not new to RVing. It's a big investment--treat it like one!

Moberly, Missouri, United States #4536

Don't get mad.........get what you deserve.

Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #3237

If you purchased it in November 2007 how could it have been in the shop for 5 out of 12 months??

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