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When assembly of the structured walls pertaining to the welding together all supporting metal square tubing it calls for welding on all sides of attaching metal tubing in my case on my bounder I'd be so lucky to have a well on to and /or on bottom of attaching wall metal square tubing and has cause major damage to fiberglass/ structe support and and drivabilityand of course stability of the vehicle driving down the road in which is a potetail hasard not only for my family friends myself and any other whom could be a victim of an injury if the unsound structued wall were to detatchor break away while driving

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Fleetwood missed 99 screws when attaching my overhang on my C class. they take ZERO responsibility for it.


How about you use spell check and some basic rules of grammar. No one will take your issue serious if they can’t follow what you are trying to say

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