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I have a 2017 American Dream that I have nicknamed my American Nightmare.Warranty service from the factory stinks, and it reflects right back on the service department where I bought it.

basically, after you write the 1/3 million dollar check, accept the fact that you are screwed. the smily salesman is gone, and you are with the service dept. Fleetwood appears to take the attitude that your RV is a luxury item and not a necessity, so delays in getting parts is to be expected.

In addition, QC out of the factory, and delivery is marginal at best.On a new coach, we had issues with jacks, slides, beds, cameras, and just plain lousy construction.

Review about: Fleetwood Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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I work in the RV business trust me when I say Fleetwood is junk and there going broke to boot . Stay away and tell your friends before its to late.


We bought a 2017 FLEETWOOD Storm...I too have nicknamed it *** Storm as that is what it has been since we purchased it..It is a nightmare and has been in shop for 2 Months this last time...and it still isn't fixed~this is at the factory!! IF they can't fix it what hope do you

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