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Your rv's are junk inexperienced people work at fleetwood their turnover rate is incredible they use the cheapest products possible in your rv from the water likes to the floors they lay down in them if they mess something up they just cover it up there is no fixing it the walls are paper thin i personally put the slideouts into them on the excursion line i can recall one day someone drill 23 wrong holes when planting the floor but the supervisor told us to let it go because the "sika" (a black adhesive) would hold the floor down just fine and they rush them through production literally it takes 10 hours to make 6 RV's they were pushing 8 making workers work till 8 o'clock at night and come right back in at 5 am 14 hour days! I would not recommend purchasing one of these they may look nice but i assure you besides the motor stereo, dishwasher, fridge pretty much anything fleetwood instals not builds is quality but anything they build and install absolute garbage

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Pleasant Lake, Michigan, United States #884581

I wish I had done more research before buying our 2014 Storm. You are right they are junk.

Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States #848166

I am bringing our new Fleetwood Bounder 33C to the factory in Decatur, Indiana for some minor warranty work. They want me there at 6 am, when they start work and they close at 2:30 pm.

They are providing free elec plug in and fresh water fill and dump statio is close by as well. They said we could stay in the coach while it was being repaired. I will let you know how this all works out when we return home.

We love the design of the Bounder and it drives, so far, very well. We bought the 33C with a 206" wheelbase for the best maneuverability.


This person is correct, I am sorry to say... I worked for fleetwood for many years before finally going back to college to better my life.

My advice to anyone considering a Fleetwood product is to comparison shop. Look at the Fleetwood and compare it side by side with a Winabego, and you will see a huge difference in quality.. If you compare the two, I know which one you will choose. Make sure you are looking at it outside, and not in an indoor showroom.

Look at the walls and the billions of puttied over staple holes out in the sunshine.

Winabego is just a much better product, Fleetwood is just a chincy copycat..

to thetruth Yorba Linda, California, United States #663981

Ur obviously uneducated with your improper grammar, almost couldn't tell what you were trying to say there. Fleetwood really cares about there quality or they wouldn't have so many quality gates and have CRT do 3-4 final walkthroughs.

You work in one area so don't speak for the whole plant, also your area is at the front of the line there are a ton of check points and inspections past you.

Be thankful you have a job, and if u don't like it please go elsewhere they don't need your negativity around. Its really pretty ignorant to bash your own company.

to Anonymous Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #679934

ya california plants were doing so well thats why they were shut down. ok

to Anonymous Fallon, Nevada, United States #697893

There maybe something to this so here it is I own a 2011 bounder 2011 WkHrse 8.1 and for the last 16 months have had recurring issues . well over 40 pages proof photos where dealers say "I did see it so cant repair it" get my drift ...

Try a simple 10 lb pull test on a crimped wire. they don't even know what that means... crimp it and test it ... why tape it , to hide your boo boo of course ...

Dash rattle in ours wont go away ... Cause.. the dash frame is bolted directly to the WH frt frame so all noises are trans mitted thru the dash frame reflecting it as a speaker would... it is sick...

3rd try .. Now they want to do experimental DESIGN ha! you gotta be kiddin me ... this is only a little of the list ...

wanta hear about the sewer stink.... try this on ... the black/grey tanks vents are exiting the roof next to ... want do you think ...

the mid bathroom air vent ...ha guess whats coming in the vent ???? any legal ideas pls forward drad8491@gmail.com ...

we did 5500 miles to Fleetwood and got more than bargained for... help us .

to Anonymous Columbia, South Carolina, United States #805913

Check your own spelling BUD

to Anonymous #864154

Your own grammar and spelling skills are not so hot either.

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